Marianne Corvellec

PhD in Physics


Had a great experience attending StanCon 2018!

Updated my CV!

Co-authored a piece on the sustainability of the so-called Digital Commons... with my beloved sister!

Co-authored a piece about data science training.


I work as a data scientist. If I ever start blogging, this is where it will happen. I live in beautiful Montréal, QC.

Knowledge commons

I am a certified instructor with Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry.

I co-founded PyLadies MTL in 2013 and organized it for a year.

I have a strong interest in FLOSS.

I am reluctant to using proprietary scientific software—there are powerful alternatives, notably Python-based. I am one of the many enthusiastic users of Jupyter.

Past events

I gave an informal talk at PyLadies MTL on October 2, 2014. It was an overview of popular Python libraries for scientific plotting (notebook).

I spoke at in Sherbrooke, QC on October 26, 2013. I gave a presentation on scikit-image (notebook).

I participated in SciPy 2013 from June 24–29, 2013. I gave a conference talk on SIDUS, a project led by Emmanuel Quémener. I also gave a lightning talk on starting a PyLadies local chapter. I was awarded a Student Sponsorship to attend the conference.

I participated in the AdaCamp SF unconference on June 8–9, 2013. I was a recipient of one of the travel grants.

I attended EuroSciPy 2012. My participation was supported by NumFOCUS: Thank you!

I attended the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, for which I received a Student Travel Grant Award. I spoke on Friday, December 9 in a Nonlinear Geophysics session: abstract #NG52A-06.

I was at ETC 13 from September 12–15, 2011. I presented a paper entitled Continuous and discontinuous transitions in geophysical turbulence (Open Access article, contributed to the proceedings).

I attended the introductory tutorial track at EuroSciPy 2011 (Python for scientific computing).

I was at EGU 2011 (Group IV, Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences). I presented my work on April 5: get the abstract and slides from the programme page.

Academic background

From January to May 2013, I worked as a postdoc in biophysics at McGill University (Department of Physics) with Paul François.

I completed my PhD at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. My PhD defence took place on January 10, 2012 at ENS de Lyon (details). The title of my dissertation is Phase transitions in two-dimensional and geophysical turbulence. It is available online at (written in English).

As a PhD candidate, I derived phase diagrams for quasi 2D inertial flows. The work was analytical and numerical, carried out in the framework of statistical-mechanical approaches to the self-organization of turbulent flows. The system under consideration was a very simple model for oceanic or atmospheric dynamics, namely, the barotropic quasi-geostrophic equations. These are formally analogous to the 2D Euler equations. You can find more about all this in this preprint:

Over three years (2009–2012), I TAed many tutorials and labs at the undergraduate level, first at Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis and then at ENS de Lyon. The subjects were fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and introductory C programming.